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MMR Inc., is a complete machine and job shop specializing in the manufacturing and repairing of rotary equipment.MMR inc. rebuilds gearboxes and speed reducers of all makes, types,and sizes all back to the original OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.Repair proceure is as follows: Disassemble and inspect the gears,shafts and housing, repair or remanufacture gears as needed,repair or remanufacture shafts as needed, as well as repairing the bearing areas on the housing if required. MMR inc. will always replace all bearingsseals and gaskets, resemble the unit, test, paint,and preparethe unit for shopping.Once MMr, has completed the neccessary repairs that are needed the unit will be in like new condition and ready to be put in service.


MMR offers a free inspection service with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations to repair the gearbox or speed reducer. Once the unit is recieved at our faciiity we can throughly in-sect the unit.Upon competion of inspection, you will recieve a complete report of our findings,alongwith our proposall for te neccessary repairs that are needed to completely recondition the unit to like new condition.

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